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The Super Lice – What Is It, Really?

The Super Lice – What Is It, Really?

Don’t let lice disrupt your life.

Combing, treatment, cleaning contaminated bedding and clothes, is all part of permanent removal. Children miss school, and playtime is suspended. It wreaks havoc on your schedule.The whole world seems to stop when your child gets lice.


Enter the Super Lice.


Super lice are resistant to traditional lice removal treatments. No over the counter lice medication can guarantee that they won’t return. Lice thru genetic mutation have become immune to Rid and Nix lice treatments.


Super lice has spread in over 25 states in the country. They spread menace to children’s scalps nationwide, making them itch in misery.


Fortunately, the Super Lice are no match for  the FDA-approved AirAllé Treatment. This heated air device kills all lice and nits by dehydrating them. No living organism can exist without water.


So if your child is scratching, call 888-984-3042 today.