Testimonials - LICENDERS


We Offer Complete Lice Care


The technician was professional, prompt and extremely comforting and helpful. She spent hours carefully treating our entire family. It does take a long time to do thoroughly. Both children were checked two days later and were clear of any bugs or nits. The service was reliable and very easy to use. Highly recommend.


It took almost three months of shampooing with pesticides that did nothing to rid us of the lice problem. Even with repeated combings. However, your method of removal and follow up have done the trick. Thank you once again for informing me of a safe, non-toxic way to remove and be rid of lice and nits, and to be free of them forever.


Getting lice removed can be time consuming, but, at Licenders I can honestly say that it's time well spent. As a matter of fact I would highly recommend them to my daughters day camp for both screenings and removal. Undoubtedly, this would help ease any unnecessary stress at the start of the school year.