The last thing you need on a busy day is a call from your child’s school announcing a lice infestation. It’s no fun when you detect a bug or nit on your child’s head, either.

Here are some of the ways parents describe this experience:

  • Grossed out
  • Totally paranoid
  • Disgusted
  • Panicked

What To Do

At the first suspicion of lice, stop into one of our four conveniently located kid-friendly salons for a professional lice screening.

Our professional clinicians are trained to make the correct diagnosis. If your child does not have lice, you can go on about the business of your life. If we do find lice, we’ll get you scheduled for a treatment as soon as possible.

The Correct Diagnosis

Unlike other lice removal companies, Licenders has been in the business of lice removal for over 20 years. We have the expertise and experience to make the correct diagnosis every time. Sometimes what you thought was a louse is not. Sometimes you saw nothing, but we see nits.

It’s best to be sure. Schedule a lice screening today!

We want to get your child back to school as much as you do!


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