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Selfies are Spreading Head Lice: How to Protect Your Children

Selfies are Spreading Head Lice: How to Protect Your Children

Put down the selfie stick, we need to have a conversation. Lice are similar to germs since they can be spread easily in social situations where we get a little too close to our friends. As kids spend more and more time playing with smartphones and cameras, they increase their risk of spreading head lice. All it takes is leaning in too close for a picture with their friends at school to get infected.

Even worse, lice are becoming increasingly difficult to treat. Studies have shown that many lice have developed a mutation that has made them resistant to most over the counter treatments. Many of the harsh chemicals offered for treating head lice did so without considering future implications to human health or lice resistance. These new treatment resistant lice are being referred to as Super Lice, though it doesn’t sound so super to us. The Super Lice are said to have spread to as many as 48 states.

Thankfully, we have some tips and tricks to help your children stay clear of head lice at school and other social settings.

1. Add a little melaleuca (tea tree oil) to your children’s shampoo and other hair products. Lice don’t like it.
2. If your children have long hair, have them wear it up whenever possible to avoid intermingling with other children’s hair that might be infested.
3. If you’re worried your children might be exposed to lice at school, use our Enzyme Cleaner. It cleans and protects helmets, baseball caps, toys, headphones, headsets, bedding & furniture. You can buy it on our shop!
4. When you clean clothing and linens, dry them on high heat, to kill any louse that might be present on them.

The good news is, super lice don’t stand a chance against Licenders 100% all natural treatment. In the event that your child is subject to an infestation, our treatment is designed to be safe and effective for the whole family, and kills the lice that are resistant to other treatments! We typically have your child back in school the very same day. Licenders doesn’t use any dangerous chemicals or other ingredients that Super Lice are resistant to. Our process is proven to be successful the first time your family is treated.