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Say Goodbye to Lice Using These Four Products

Say Goodbye to Lice Using These Four Products

Say Goodbye to Lice Using These Four Products

Licenders is dedicated to helping you and your family live lice-free. Say goodbye to lice by using our products, which are safe and highly effective in getting rid of lice. Each of our products are designated Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) by the U. S. FDA, meaning you and your family can use our lice control products with confidence. Our product line includes spray cleaner, lice comb, lice shampoo and preventive spray.


Our lice control spray cleaner is ideal for spraying on bedding, furniture, helmets, caps, headphones and other household and clothing surfaces that may have come in contact with head lice.

Lice Comb

Made with micro-grooved teeth, our lice comb makes it easy to remove lice and nits you’re your hair. It is stainless-steel teeth and can be boiled and reused.

All Natural Lice Shampoo

Our shampoo contains enzymes which break the shell of the bug and makes them easy to comb out.

8-Ounce Lice Preventive Spray

This 100 percent essential oil spray is pesticide-free and repels lice.

Be prepared to tackle your lice problem!

Shop online now to order Licenders products and have them shipped directly to your door. We guarantee our treatments and products when used as instructed. Schedule an appointment today to discuss individual treatment or treatment for your home, school or camp setting. See us in person by visiting one of our six clinics located in the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, West Village, Brooklyn, Long Island, and Connecticut.

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