There’s a new kind of lice in town, and it could become a pesky and costly epidemic. With lice already impacting 12 million Americans per year, a new form of super lice has surfaced, and it’s immune to over-the-counter treatments. When at-home remedies such as combing, smothering techniques or essential oils don’t work, the lice treatment process has to be repeated, the nuisance becomes drawn out and the possibility of spreading super lice increases.

In order to combat new forms of super lice, it’s best to address lice with effective, professional treatments as soon as possible. Here’s what to do if you or someone in your family is found to have lice to prevent the development of super lice:


Get a professional treatment immediately

If you or someone in your family feel a tickle, starts to itch, has sores or you can see nits on their scalp, behind the ears, or in the nape of the neck, they need to be checked immediately. As super lice continue to develop immunities to over-the-counter treatments, it’s important to prevent them from spreading as quickly as possible.


Check your surroundings

Lice can not only survive in your hair but on bedding, carpet, furniture and in your car. Since lice can’t jump or fly, it’s unlikely that they will be present on items that your child hasn’t been in contact with. However, they can crawl, so you want to make sure that you clean your home extra carefully. If you’ve washed all clothing, stuffed animals, pillows and pillowcases and vacuumed the carpet and furniture, your items should be lice free.


Stay ahead of super lice

Licenders understands the urgency that arises if there are any signs of lice, especially if it could be a form of super lice, and our professional team of experienced clinicians can help get you the right diagnosis. If you or anyone in your family has been infested with lice or suspect you could be, Licenders offers several convenient options for treatment and screenings to stay ahead of super lice.


Unlike over-the-counter treatments that are no longer working on super lice, Licenders doesn’t use chemicals or pesticides. In addition to the immediate results, the chances of having to be treated again or potentially passing along super lice to others are far less than if you used an at-home treatment or remedy.


There are six lice treatment clinic locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Connecticut and Long Island to choose from with appointments or walk-ins available seven days per week. We can even come to you with our home-call services where we can perform screenings and treatments that get rid of lice in addition to treating your entire home.


If you want to help prevent the problem of super lice, contact us or call 888-984-3042 to schedule an appointment or to learn more about options to avoid or treat super lice.


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