Lice Treament - LICENDERS

The Licenders process for removing lice is unique and contributes to our high success rate. Armed with our 100%, all natural shampoo, combing solution and disinfectant spray, our process will stop lice dead in its tracks.

Step One: Shampoo

Our shampoo is non-toxic, all-natural and hypoallergenic. Natural enzymes eliminate lice on contact. All of the ingredients we use are food-grade quality and are GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) from the Food and Drug Administration.

Step Two: Combing Solution

By coating the hair with the combing solution, you’re essentially smothering any lice that were not killed by just the shampooing step. This is also a deep conditioner and will allow for easy comb through, so picking out nits and lice, and combing through knots is much easier. Using specialized tools, we separate the lice from hair and scalps and will be able to pick out any remaining nits, eggs or lice.

Step Three: AirAllé

All Licender’s clinics utilize the patented AirAllé machine that stops lice dead in its tracks. A trained Licender’s liaison will perform the treatment and will always accompany any set up in schools or otherwise. This is to make sure the screening and removal process goes as quickly and smoothly as possible. The AirAllé machine works to sap lice from their environment, leaving them dead and dry along with 99% of their eggs in a single treatment.

Step Four: Disinfect

After all the lice is cleaned off of the hosts heads, it’s important to disinfect any surface where lice could potentially live. Our powerful, enzyme based cleaning spray prevents lice in the home on fabrics and furniture so you can be sure nothing from the infestation remains. This spray is aimed to grab onto those materials we often overlook or can’t throw in the washing machine and is nearly 100% effective in killing lice that live in those environments.

Our staff is proud to offer services to come to your school and set up a comprehensive lice treatment for all students. We also provide free screenings and have 4 locations within the Tri-State area – and all of these clinics are staffed with lice removal experts and the powerful AirAllé machine.

If you’re currently experiencing a lice infestation, don’t panic, it can happen to anyone. We stand by our treatment process; its quick, effective and more importantly our all-natural products are safe so you don’t have to worry about what you’re putting on your kid’s hair and skin.