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A head lice infestation can take over your life! It is quite common for parents to spend hours treating head lice without solving the problem. No matter how hard or long they work at it, the lice just keep coming back. You can avoid this. Get rid of the problem with Licenders professional services.


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As a professional head lice company with lice treatment salons in New York Upper East Side,  New York Upper West Side, Brooklyn, Long Island, Connecticut, and New Jersey we’ve dealt with tens of thousands of head lice cases. Part of the stress of having lice is not knowing when the lice are finally gone. As a professional lice removal company, we take special consideration to the products and techniques we use. When your child has a lice problem, visit one of four lice treatment salons with available appointments and walk-in free screenings.


Feel Confident

Our professional lice clinicians are trusted by parents and adored by kids! Licenders offers the AirAllé head lice treatment, a revolutionary way to kill head lice and their eggs without harmful pesticides or other chemicals. Our full product line of 100% All Natural lice removal products are proven to be highly effective against all head lice infestations. Trust Licenders, and solve your head lice problem once and for all.

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