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Keeping Schools and Camps Lice Free

School settings are an easy mark for transferring head lice from child to child. LICENDERS specializes in the removal of head lice from children. We provide lice-screening & head lice elimination for over 100 public and private schools in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Our service is cost effective and efficient.

We send groups of clinicians to your school. We provide 1 clinician for every 100 children. This makes it easier for your teachers, as each classroom is done within minutes. A Licenders liaison will accompany our lice screening and head lice removal staff so that the work flows smoothly. Our clinicians will be dressed professionally, be courteous and patient, and use high-magnification lamps. We will schedule full school screenings after each major vacation break and rechecks as needed. Rechecks include any “positive cases,” as well as absentees from the initial screening.

Camps that participate in K.L.O.O.C have 75% less head lice outbreaks!

Kids charge off the bus, sprint to their bunks, hug their friends, and spread Head Lice! We offer screenings before camp starts to lessen the embarrassment for the child, avoid rushed screenings and missed cases and we save camps thousands of dollars.

Screenings before camps are free! If a child has lice removed before camp begins kids go straight to their bunks instead of missing out on all the fun summer camp has to offer. Camps inform parents about free screenings at Licenders with no appointment necessary and walk-ins are welcome. Camper with a ‘lice free’ note go straight to their bunks. We utilize the AirAllé device to minimize maintenance at no additional cost.

Hire K.L.O.O.C and Licenders in camp for half the price. Call 888-542-3633 today

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