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Know the Four Symptoms of Lice

  • Date: January 19, 2021
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Know the Four Symptoms of Lice

How can you know for sure whether you or a family member has lice? Knowing and looking for the four tell-tale signs — or symptoms — of lice will give you a clear indication of its presence. Knowing these symptoms will also help you determine if you need to seek immediate treatment to avoid an infestation.

Looking for Nits

When one of our clinicians screens someone for lice, they visually check for the presence of nits in small clusters on the scalp or loose in the hair. Nits are lice eggs or newly hatched lice living in the hair or on the scalp. Nits are light brown or gray in color and oval-shaped. They are not easily removed from the hair because they are cemented to the hair shaft. Seeing nits is the primary symptom of having lice.

Itching Scalp

If you look for nits but don’t immediately find any, symptom number two is itching. Not everyone experiences itching, but when it does occur, it may be subtle or intense. If you or a family member has persistent itching generally on the scalp, behind the ears, or in the nape of the neck, the cause could be lice. Itching is caused by the skin’s reaction to lice biting the scalp.

Seeing Sores

Symptom number three in the case of lice is the presence of tiny red sores on the scalp. Small red sores are another kind of skin reaction to lice bites, in addition to the itching. Red sores from lice bites usually appear near hair follicles.

Feeling a Tickle

The fourth and final common symptom of a case of lice is a tickling feeling in the hair and on the scalp. This tickling feeling is caused by mature lice crawling around on the scalp and moving between strands of hair. Often as they move on the scalp, mature lice will fall onto the neck or shoulders where they can be easily seen.

What to Do

Are you or one of your family members experiencing one or more of these symptoms? If so, have yourself checked by a clinician at one of our lice treatment salons for a quick screening. Getting treatment right away can stop an infestation from occurring in your home and your vehicle. Lice are very contagious, spreading quickly between family members, co-workers, and classmates.

If your child comes home from school or camp with lice, you’ll doubtlessly be very grossed out. But rest assured, it doesn’t mean the school or camp is dirty. According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, “Personal hygiene or cleanliness in the home or school has nothing to do with getting head lice.”

Treatment of lice can be quick and easy if it’s detected right away. All lice treatment products used by Licenders are 100 percent natural and safe for family use. Our clinicians are kid-friendly and accommodating to family members who are under the stress of dealing with lice. Stop in for a screening at one of our six convenient locations or schedule a home visit today to get rid of lice once and for all!

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