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Busy Moms Say Yes to House Calls

Licenders has developed five conveniently located salon centers in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Connecticut and Long Island with products and treatment methods that really work to give parents peace of mind and children are back at school. Working mothers agree it’s about fast acting treatments that are non-toxic and pain free. Finding the perfect solution was a work in progress until 1996 when Licenders was founded.

Licenders Professionals solve your lice problem

Our technicians have children of their own, and understand kids. They have undergone extensive background checks, and are fully insured. They will come to you with state-of-the-art lighting and magnification equipment. As in our salons, house treatments include the FDA-cleared AirAllé device which kills lice and eggs through dehydration.

Choosing a Licenders House Call will enable your entire family to be checked and treated in one simple visit. Our Licenders Clinician will promptly be dispatched to your home within one hour of your call. He or she will check for lice and nits, and treat you with the AirAllé device and our all-natural products. Relax as we answer all of your questions.

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