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More Confidence. Less Fear.

As a parent today, it’s hard not to worry about the invisible danger that seems to be lurking around every corner. You don’t feel safe outside your home. Even worse, you may not feel safe in your home. You wonder…

  • Am I killing viruses when I clean?
  • How do I know if I’m doing it right?
  • Are these products safe for my kids?
  • Does my housekeeper know how to clean the right way?
Take your first step forward to lice treatment today!

The Right Way To Clean

It requires special skills, specific training, and products that can’t be found in stores to reduce the likelihood of viruses lurking in your home. And, only a handful of professionals have the training and know-how to do it right. 

With the same commitment and high standards that made Licenders the #1 choice for lice removal by area parents for over 20 years, we are proud to introduce you to our new service:

Get Answers to Your Lice Questions

Because we know how a lice infestation can turn your life upside down, all 4 locations are open 7 days a week. Click here for the location near you.

Because our lice remove treatment kills all lice and nits (eggs) in one treatment, your child can be back to school on the very same day.

After your treatment, we’ll give you directions to take home. Then you should come back for a free follow up visit within one week. The method we use is so effective, we guarantee it and rarely if ever, see a re-infestation.

Our state-of-the-art technology is not recommended for children under the age of four; persons who cannot sense temperature or pain; who cannot communicate physical discomfort; who have open head wounds, sores, or visible signs of skin or scalp abnormalities; who have received radiation treatment of the head within the last 6 months; who have cranial or facial implants; or who have hair that cannot be combed through with a standard comb.

The good news is you can purchase Licenders’ signature line of all-natural lice fast-acting treatment products that are non-toxic and pain-free right here on the website.

Yes! House calls are a great way to have your entire family screened and treated in the comfort of your home. Our highly trained clinicians are fully background-checked and insured. Give us a call at 888-335-0201 to schedule your home visit. We usually can get to you the very same day.

If you don’t live in the New York City or Connecticut area, you can purchase Licenders’ own signature line of all-natural, fast-acting lice treatment products right here on our website.

Introducing Germenders!

Licenders has partnered with top cleaning professionals in the area to help you and your family feel safe and secure at home again. 

We supply the kind of state-of-the-art cleaning service you need now – that you won’t find anywhere else.

Here’s How It Works

Make an appointment for our crew to come to your home. They’ll get right to work – cleaning, disinfecting, sanitizing, and sterilizing every inch of your home with CDC best practices and EPA-approved non-toxic products that are effective against COVID-19 and other viruses.

Have us perform one deep cleaning or put us on a schedule. If you don’t want to give up your weekly housekeeper, no problem. Just have Germenders come in once-a-month to augment your regular cleaning schedule.

When clean isn’t clean enough…give Germenders a call at 212-388-6400 or email us at [email protected].

We’re on the job and ready to serve you!

Attention Schools, Camps, And Places Of Worship!

We are equipped, trained, and ready to disinfect, sanitize, and sterilize your facility to make it safe for your community to come in. But our schedule is booking up fast! Please call now to get your questions answered and get on the schedule.

For Fast Service: Call 1-888-984-3042 or send us an email at [email protected]