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As with many of life’s challenges, when it comes to treating head lice, you basically have two options. You can try to tackle the lice on your own, or you can opt to call in professional help to get rid of your lice. A head lice infestation can take over your life! It is quite common for parents to spend hours treating head lice without solving the problem. No matter how hard or long they work at it, the lice just keep coming back. You can avoid this.

Lice are tiny parasites, spread through personal contact and shared belongings. Children are particularly susceptible to infection and the spread of head lice, making it a full time job to spot the symptoms. Despite the unpleasant nature of head lice, it’s crucial to recognize the symptoms in your child. Head lice has been around for more than 100,000 years and is a worldwide bug.

Get Your Life Back!

Million of children in the U.S. come in contact with head lice each year, and just as many tears are shed by kids and adults alike attempting to find a working solution to get rid of head lice.  Everyday activities for kids like attending school, participating in extracurricular activities and going away to summer camps are breeding grounds for the spread of head lice.

Licenders’ mission is to help eradicate the spread of head lice through innovative technology and all natural products. Licenders provides lice-screening and head lice elimination services for over 100 public and private schools as well with extremely efficient services. Giving parents, teachers and camp counselors peace of mind when a head lice infestation occurs is our mission

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