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Prevent Lice at School with Licenders

Before you know it, it’ll be time for kids to go back to school, which means there’s a greater chance for a lice outbreak. If a student does get lice, many schools have no-nit policies in place that require the infected child to be cleared of nits, which can take several weeks depending on the treatment. But there are ways for school administrators, teachers and nurses to prevent lice problems before they happen with lice screenings at school. Here’s how Licenders can help prevent a lice outbreak at your school:

Trusted provider of school screenings

With six locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Connecticut and Long Island, Licenders currently services more than 100 schools with routine lice screenings. Our team of 40 experienced, knowledgeable clinicians can provide screenings for a large volume of students, which is why we are the #1 trusted lice screening service for schools in the Tri-state area.

Frequent lice screenings at schools

We are available to service schools if there is a suspected lice infestation. However, while we do same-day emergency service screenings, we recommend that school administrators schedule lice screenings several times a year starting at the beginning of the school year to prevent a lice infestation before it happens.

No cost to your school

If the cost for lice screenings is a concern for your school, there’s no need to worry. Licenders is the NYC Department of Education’s official lice removal service for public schools in the Tri-state area and will pay for lice screenings at your school. This financial assistance makes it easier for administrators to plan ahead and schedule routine lice screenings with Licenders.

We love keeping kids lice free

We understand the ordeal that a lice outbreak can cause students, their parents and school administrators missed time from work and instruction, as well as embarrassment, which is why providing effective screenings and treatments that are safe for children is our priority. Our treatments are 100 percent free of pesticides and harmful ingredients and are incredibly effective in just one session. Screening processes and treatments from Licenders are also designed to make kids as comfortable as possible during the process.

Stay ahead of lice

If you are a school administrator who wants to head into the new school year with peace of mind and prevent a lice outbreak before it happens, contact us to schedule an appointment via phone at 888-984-3042 or via email at [email protected]. We’ll need to know how many students need to be screened so we can get the right number of clinicians to your school.

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Keeping Lice Out of Day Camp

Day camp in the summer is a fun and exciting time for kids and counselors, but a lice outbreak could quickly change that. While it’s common for kids to get lice at overnight camp due to the close sleeping quarters, a lice infestation can happen just as easily at day camp. If you are a camp administrator who wants to keep lice from ruining your day camp, Licenders can help. Here’s how:

Conducting Routine Screenings

Licenders recommends getting lice screenings before, during and after day camp to prevent a lice outbreak before it happens. Our Keep Lice Out of Camp (K.L.O.O.C) initiative brings a team of our experienced clinicians to your day camp located near one of the Licenders salons in New York or Connecticut to conduct lice screening at the beginning or during camp to ensure that none of the campers have lice. Plus, day camps who sign up with Licenders receive a 30 percent discount on our screening services.

Adhering to Camp Policies

With 60% of camp staff reporting that lice is a huge problem for counselors, children and their families, many day camps have “no nit” policies in place. These policies state that kids could be turned away or sent home from day camp with the slightest presence of lice nits. Routine lice screenings from Licenders before, during and after camp can prevent the inconvenience and embarrassment that can happen if a child is found to have nits.

Ensuring Safety at Day Camp

Many parents are concerned about their child’s health when sending their kids to day camp, which includes keeping them lice free. Since parents are trusting camp administrators to keep their kids safe, it’s the camp’s responsibility to take necessary precautions to prevent lice from spreading. By providing lice screenings before, during and after camp, you are assuring parents that you are doing everything you can do so that their children stay healthy at day camp, keeping them excited to return next year.

If you are a day camp administrator committed to keeping your camp lice-free, contact us to schedule an appointment or call 888-984-3042.

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How to Prevent Super Lice

Licenders understands the urgency that arises if there are any signs of lice, especially if it could be a form of super lice, and our professional team of experienced clinicians can help get you the right diagnosis. If you or anyone in your family has been infested with lice or suspect you could be, Licenders offers several convenient options for treatment and screenings to stay ahead of super lice.

Unlike over-the-counter treatments that are no longer working on super lice, Licenders doesn’t use chemicals or pesticides. In addition to the immediate results, the chances of having to be treated again or potentially passing along super lice to others are far less than if you used an at-home treatment or remedy.

Licenders understands the urgency that arises if there are any signs of lice, especially if it could be a form of super lice, and our professional team of experienced clinicians can help get you the right diagnosis. If you or anyone in your family has been infested with lice or suspect you could be, Licenders offers several convenient options for treatment and screenings to stay ahead of super lice.

Unlike over-the-counter treatments that are no longer working on super lice, Licenders doesn’t use chemicals or pesticides. In addition to the immediate results, the chances of having to be treated again or potentially passing along super lice to others are far less than if you used an at-home treatment or remedy.

Stay Lice Free at Sports or Band Camp This Summer

Summer is an exciting time for middle and high schoolers, especially if they participate in band or a sport that allows them to go to an overnight camp. But just like at camps for younger children, lice outbreaks happen. Kids traveling on buses, sharing equipment and sleeping in close quarters increase the chances of spreading lice if an outbreak occurs. While precautions to stop a lice problem before it happens aren’t full proof, here are some tips on how to prepare your children for band or sports camp and keep them lice free.

Get a lice screening before camp

Before your child heads off to sports or band camp, you should have him or her checked for lice. Licenders can check your child at one of our six salon locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Connecticut and Long Island, or we can come to your home using our house call services. Appointments are available in the Tri-state area seven days per week to ensure that we have time to check your kids before they leave for camp.

Avoid sharing sports clothing and equipment

One of the most common ways that lice are spread at sports camps is through the sharing of clothing and equipment. Hats, helmets, uniforms, and jerseys should never be shared with other team members in order to avoid a lice outbreak. If a child at camp does find out he or she has lice, all clothing and jerseys should be washed, and helmets and hats should be thoroughly examined to find the source for lice and stop it from spreading.

Inform instructors on prevention tips

The American Camp Association reports that one of its most common questions to its Camp Crisis Hotline is connected to lice. Parents should ask the band or sports staffers and instructors questions about the specific camp’s lice control policy, as most camps have one in place. Find out what steps they take in order to prevent a lice outbreak and what they do if one occurs.

If you find that your child’s sports or band camp doesn’t have a lice policy, you can recommend Licender’s Keeping Lice Out of Camp (K.L.O.O.C.) program, which provides services at our salons before kids leave for camp or on-site lice inspection services at camp locations. Our K.L.O.O.C. team of trained clinicians works with camps in order to prevent lice outbreaks before they happen.

For more tips about lice prevention at sports or band camp, information about our K.L.O.O.C. program or to schedule an appointment, send us a message or call 888-984-3042.

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How To Avoid Lice While Traveling This Summer

A lice outbreak can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time, especially during the hustle and bustle of summer travels. With vacation preparations in full swing, there are some preventative measures to take to minimize the chances of acquiring some unwanted travel companions in the form of head lice. Here are some tips on how to avoid getting lice while traveling this summer.

Choose your hotel wisely

It’s hard to know when you book a hotel online exactly where you will be staying. Much like bedbugs, lice can be present if a hotel room hasn’t been properly sanitized. Make sure to read hotel reviews before booking and carefully inspect your room for the presence of lice in crevasses of dresser drawers, bed sheets and in the bathroom immediately upon arrival.

Use your own personal hygiene tools

It’s easy to get in the habit of sharing items like hair brushes and combs when traveling, but it’s also a way to share head lice. If you forgot to pack personal hygiene tools for each person in your travel party, take the extra trip to the convenience store. Purchasing individual hair brushes can minimize the chances of a lice outbreak, especially if you think anyone in your family has already come into contact with lice on your vacation.

Get screened before and after traveling

If you are concerned about your vacation being ruined by lice before it’s even started, have your family checked for lice before leaving town. Visit one of our four Licenders salon locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Connecticut and Long Island to get screened, or one of our trained lice clinicians can come directly to your home with our house call services. Licenders also recommends visiting a salon or scheduling a house call immediately after you return from vacation to make sure that lice didn’t return with you.

Get treated immediately

If you do find that one of your family members is infested with lice, don’t panic. Licenders can treat you and your family using a medical device that kills lice and their eggs without the use of chemicals. Licenders treatments are not only safer, but they are more efficient than over-the-counter treatment options that might be readily available while you are traveling.

Don’t let lice ruin your travel plans this summer. Get screened for lice by sending us a message or calling 888-984-3042 to schedule an appointment.

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How Can I Be Sure Lice Are Gone?

The pains of a head lice outbreak can feel like they are never-ending. You have to sterilize your home, make sure that lice don’t spread to you or your family members and keep your child home from school, which can be frustrating and embarrassing. But if you are careful, you can make sure that lice are gone for good. Here are some steps to take to ensure you and your children are—and stay—lice free.

Look for clusters

cluster of nits, which generally gather in groups of six or seven, that are close to the scalp indicates that lice are still present. If you begin to find that the nits are growing further away from the scalp, they are not necessarily alive or ever will be. Using a magnifying glass will make it easier to search for nits close to the scalp. You’ll want to make sure that there are no clusters of lice nits close to your child’s scalp for at least two weeks before you are in the clear.

Check your surroundings

Lice can not only survive in your hair but on bedding, carpet, furniture and in your car. Since lice can’t jump or fly, it’s unlikely that they will be present on items that your child hasn’t been in contact with. However, they can crawl, so you want to make sure that you clean your home extra carefully. If you’ve washed all clothing, stuffed animals, pillows and pillowcases and vacuumed the carpet and furniture, your items should be lice free.

Use a professional

The most common reason that lice don’t go away or return is because of not using the right treatments. Licenders professionals use a medical device that kills lice and their eggs without the use of chemicals, and is more effective than over-the-counter remedies. It also kills lice in just one treatment, allowing your children to return to school the same day.

With four locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Connecticut and Long Island, we’ve had more than 400,000 successful treatments. You can visit our salons for treatment, or our team of clinicians can come directly to you with our home call services. We will come to treat your home and the entire family in one visit.

If you want to ensure that the presence of lice in your home and children are truly gone, send us a message or call 888-984-3042 to schedule an appointment.

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Summer Camp and Lice: Prevent Outbreaks Before They Happen

Summer is just around the corner, and so is summer camp. Where there’s summer camp, there are kids. Where there are kids, there is the possibility for a lice outbreak, especially in the warm months.

While at camp, kids are in closer contact with each other than they normally would be at school due to sleeping in close quarters. To make it even worse, your children can be turned away from camp if they show up on check-in day with lice, which can be disappointing and embarrassing. In fact, research shows that more than 30 percent of 500 summer camps have ‘no nit policies’ that turn away children even if the presence of lice eggs are detected, which doesn’t necessarily indicate that lice is completely present.

Not only is being turned away from camp a burden for kids, but camp leaders as well. On average, 60 percent of camp staff reported that lice is a huge problem for both children and their families. If you are a camp administrator, Licenders offers the Keep Lice Out of Camp (K.L.O.O.C) initiative for anyone who wants to take precautions to prevent a lice problem before it begins.

Through K.L.O.C.C., Licenders has been able to account for 75 percent less lice outbreaks at camps. The best part of the program is that if the kids are located near one of the Licenders salons in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey or Long Island, they can come and get a lice screening for free up to five days before camp begins. Licenders will provide camps with a note confirming that children have been screened and cleared for lice, making the check-in process easier and for the fun to begin!

If we do find that your child has lice, our team of Licenders’ clinicians can help. We use a medical device that kills lice and their eggs without the use of chemicals in just one treatment. Not only are the Licenders treatments safer than traditional at-home methods like suffocation products and lice combs, but they are also more effective.

For camps, joining KLOOC for $100 gives the option to hire Licenders for half price to come to your camp and screen staff and campers. A lice outbreak can cost a summer camp thousands of dollars, so the investment is worth it to tackle a lice problem before it happens.

Don’t let head lice ruin summer camp. Contact us to schedule an appointment or call 888-984-3042 to have your kids checked before they head to camp or make arrangements for Licenders’ clinicians to keep your summer camp focused on fun instead of a potential PR problem.

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Know the Four Symptoms of Lice

How can you know for sure whether you or a family member has lice? Knowing and looking for the four tell-tale signs — or symptoms — of lice will give you a clear indication of its presence. Knowing these symptoms will also help you determine if you need to seek immediate treatment to avoid an infestation.

Looking for Nits

When one of our clinicians screens someone for lice, they visually check for the presence of nits in small clusters on the scalp or loose in the hair. Nits are lice eggs or newly hatched lice living in the hair or on the scalp. Nits are light brown or gray in color and oval-shaped. They are not easily removed from the hair because they are cemented to the hair shaft. Seeing nits is the primary symptom of having lice.

Itching Scalp

If you look for nits but don’t immediately find any, symptom number two is itching. Not everyone experiences itching, but when it does occur, it may be subtle or intense. If you or a family member has persistent itching generally on the scalp, behind the ears, or in the nape of the neck, the cause could be lice. Itching is caused by the skin’s reaction to lice biting the scalp.

Seeing Sores

Symptom number three in the case of lice is the presence of tiny red sores on the scalp. Small red sores are another kind of skin reaction to lice bites, in addition to the itching. Red sores from lice bites usually appear near hair follicles.

Feeling a Tickle

The fourth and final common symptom of a case of lice is a tickling feeling in the hair and on the scalp. This tickling feeling is caused by mature lice crawling around on the scalp and moving between strands of hair. Often as they move on the scalp, mature lice will fall onto the neck or shoulders where they can be easily seen.

What to Do

Are you or one of your family members experiencing one or more of these symptoms? If so, have yourself checked by a clinician at one of our lice treatment salons for a quick screening. Getting treatment right away can stop an infestation from occurring in your home and your vehicle. Lice are very contagious, spreading quickly between family members, co-workers, and classmates.

If your child comes home from school or camp with lice, you’ll doubtlessly be very grossed out. But rest assured, it doesn’t mean the school or camp is dirty. According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, “Personal hygiene or cleanliness in the home or school has nothing to do with getting head lice.”

Treatment of lice can be quick and easy if it’s detected right away. All lice treatment products used by Licenders are 100 percent natural and safe for family use. Our clinicians are kid-friendly and accommodating to family members who are under the stress of dealing with lice. Stop in for a screening at one of our six convenient locations or schedule a home visit today to get rid of lice once and for all!

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Brooklyn Licenders Goes Corporate

Among the leafy blocks of what is known as brownstone Brooklyn, two bright, cheery salons recently opened on quiet side streets. A curious passer-by might notice plaintive children in styling chairs, sucking on lollipops, while young women comb their hair. But the salons have no signage, and the parents watch the proceedings with brows furrowed. That’s because their children are not getting haircuts. They are being deloused.

Lice, as any parent knows, are common and a pain to treat. Parents must take time off from work to remove the children from school. Plans for summer camp can be upended, with some children sent home on the first day. For the six million to 12 million children who are infested with lice each year, the American Association of Pediatrics recommends over-the-counter shampoos that contain pediculicides (lice killers), followed by a careful comb-out, but do-it-yourself treatments don’t always work.

For over three decades, Orthodox Jewish women in Brooklyn neighborhoods like Borough Park, Midwood and Kensington have used a decidedly low-tech approach involving a fine-toothed metal comb, drugstore hair conditioner and plenty of paper towels, onto which they smear the nauseating results of their labors.

Nit-picking has become a branded enterprise. In addition to the two newish salons serving Park Slope and environs, there are no less than eight delousing boutiques throughout New York City, in addition to dozens of mobile treatment companies. What was once a homey — if disgusting — therapeutic rite of passage is a multimillion-dollar industry, right alongside parent-baby music classes and tutoring centers.

The godmother of nit pickers is probably Dalya Harel, 56, an Israeli-born mother of eight who became an expert after one of her daughters caught lice in 1985 after entering school. Ms. Harel combed it out with margarine (conditioner came later), and the word spread. “I did it as a favor to friends,” she said in the Park Slope branch of Lice Busters, “and then the principal hired me to do their class, and the rest is history.”

Treatments underway at Lice Busters by, from left, Yoni Harel, Reina Sanchez, Esther Guzman and Dalya Harel. Credit Dave Sanders for The New York Times

But running a home business was complicated. Anxious families would show up in the middle of the Passover Seder, after dialing her number and getting no answer. “We don’t pick up the phone,” she said, “so they come because they know the location. So we invite them to sit at the table.”

The business was so successful that she left her accounting job at Bank Leumi and in 2003 opened a combing salon beneath her home in Midwood, calling it Lice Busters. Last January she opened the outpost in Park Slope with her son Yoni Harel, 27, who brings to mind a Calvin Klein model by way of Tel Aviv. “Most of the customers who come to me are from Park Slope,” Ms. Harel said. “So it was like, ‘I’m coming to you.’”

Lice Busters employs about 20 technicians in Midwood and Park Slope. The cost for removal is $150 to $250, depending on the severity. It takes about an hour, with a free recheck one week later. Families are instructed to launder sheets and blankets and to bag unwashable stuffed animals. But children can return to school immediately, which means parents can go back to work.

Before they found their Sterling Place storefront, the Harels considered a former restaurant on Seventh Avenue, opposite Public School 321 in Park Slope. But business owners complained to the landlord. A commercial space adjacent to a Gymboree in Gowanus also caused trouble. “Everyone started screaming that we were going to bring lice to the gym,” Ms. Harel said.

The North Slope storefront, previously a Pilates studio, was a shidduch — a match. It is the only business on the block, except for administrative offices of a private school.

With hardwood floors, baby blue walls and flat screens playing Netflix, the mood is like a day spa. Customers can buy brushes, liquid garlic (a preventive), and nit combs at the counter. The Harel family operates 11 salons in New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida and Israel; a 12th opens on the Upper West Side of Manhattan this summer. They have annual revenues of over $1 million from the Brooklyn salons, house calls and school checks. But last September alone, the Park Slope branch brought in six figures.

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Adie Horowitz, the owner of Licenders, with a 9-year-old customer in Brooklyn. Credit Dave Sanders for The New York Times

“Any time after a holiday we are booming,” Ms. Harel said. “Lice come from love, from loving and hugging and only to the nicest, cleanest people.” Camps also make for more traffic. “Sleepaway camps,” her son said, “are the best for the business.”

About 20 blocks from Lice Busters is a competitor named Licenders, whose president and founder is Adie Horowitz. On a weekday evening, two adolescent sisters sat in styling chairs and told their technicians they caught it on vacation.

If Lice Busters is the Old Navy of delousing, Licenders is the J. Crew. In a corner, preschool-size chairs were arranged around a table. On it sat a Licenders-branded coloring book with “Leslie the Louse” as the villain and “Adie the Lice Diva” as the heroine. A shelf up front displays an $84.95 “essentials” lice kit containing shampoo, oil repellent, combing solution and a comb, all branded with the Licenders logo, a green-feathered wing. (For the record, lice have no wings and cannot fly.)

Ms. Horowitz, 59, now lives in New Jersey, but she knew Ms. Harel in the 1990s when both lived in Kensington. Ms. Harel said she treated Ms. Horowitz’s children, instructing as she worked, and then Ms. Horowitz began offering lice treatment herself. Ms. Horowitz said she learned the comb-out method from a book at the Brooklyn Public Library’s Central Branch.

Whatever the origin story, Ms. Horowitz began combing from her home in 1997. In 2004, she acquired a competitor on the Upper East Side called Licenders, adopting its name. “The women I knew ended up doing it in their homes and doing it in their basement,” Ms. Horowitz said. “I wanted to get away from that and start a business.”

Why the Orthodox have a niche business in lice removal is a matter of speculation: large families, an openness to home remedies, deep expertise on the 10 plagues. Abigail Rosenfeld, a Kensington lice remover, said the bugs are a chatzitzah, or barrier, to a woman’s immersion in the mikvah, or ritual bath. “If an Orthodox woman has lice, it’s like an ink mark on the hand,” she said, “something that shouldn’t be there.”

Dalya Harel, the founder of Lice Busters, shows a customer the lice that were removed from her hair. Credit Dave Sanders for The New York Times

Ms. Horowitz’s Gowanus location opened in November, adding to Licenders salons in Manhattan; Port Washington, N.Y.; and Stamford, Conn. There are two pricing options: the “one-hour treatment” ($249), after which home maintenance is recommended, or the “maintenance-free plan” ($145 for the first half-hour, and $70 for each additional half-hour). Adults and children over 4 are treated with a machine cleared by the Food and Drug Administration which resembles a vacuum cleaner and which Ms. Horowitz says dehydrates lice and nits.

Because of increased referrals from doctors, Licenders and Lice Busters offer invoices with diagnosis and procedure codes (the machine is classified as a medical device), allowing some customers to get insurance reimbursement.

Combing salons are popping up all over the country. Katie Shepherd, a lice expert in West Palm Beach, Fla., runs a nonprofit institute that offers lice-removal certification to people seeking to open salons. She said there were about 1,000 combing businesses in the United States last year, up from about 40 in 2009. “It’s an unregulated business,” she said, “but there is a movement to regulate them. People hang shingles who aren’t trained and don’t know what they’re doing.”

Around midafternoon on a recent weekday, Julia Sturm, a nonprofit arts and media professional in her 40s, strode cheerfully into Lice Busters. Her 9-year-old son had recently been treated for nits, which were discovered during a periodic check at school. She tried combing out at home but wanted to be sure it worked. It didn’t. At a visit to Lice Busters, she learned that she and her son had nits, too. All were treated, and she was in for her recheck.

As she reclined in a styling chair, Ms. Sturm was philosophical. “I did a cost-benefit analysis,” she said. “Have you ever heard the expression, ‘Throw money at a problem’?’ My husband and I are both working full time. It’s all we can do to get through the whole day. So if I was going to add a lice treatment every night or every other night, I wouldn’t have the bandwidth.”

The only people unhappy with the combing salons may be the home-based lice ladies who now see a drop in calls. “There’s definitely a decline in the past year,” Ms. Rosenfeld said. “But I made a wedding, I’m making a bar mitzvah, I had grandchildren. I haven’t been concentrating on the lice.”

Licenders Begins Offering One Hour Treatment

NEW YORK, Aug. 31, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Going back to school can be an exciting but frustrating time of year. As children flood back to campus, the chances of spreading lice dramatically increases. In an effort to assist parents dealing with the stress of a lice infestation and get their children back to class quicker, Licenders is now offering a One Hour Treatment for just $249 at all four of their Tri-State locations.

Logo – http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20160830/402925LOGO

“Our goal is to ease parents’ stress and bring their lives back under control. With our new One Hour Treatment Plan, children can get right back to class without skipping a beat. The best part is that our products are 100% all natural and safe for the whole family,” Licenders Founder and CEO Adie Horowitz states. Furthermore, Licenders works with schools across the NYC area to proactively prevent lice outbreaks by checking the heads of over 75,000 children about to start the new school year.

Licenders treatments and products kill “super lice”, which are becoming immune to traditional over-the-counter lice treatment products. A recent study conducted by the Journal of Medical Entomology (JME) shows new evidence that head lice have developed resistance to two common insecticide treatments for lice infestation. This study analyzed data from 48 states and found that, on average, 98 percent of all head lice in at least 42 states managed to mutate in a way that enabled them to become resistant to the particular types of chemicals found in traditional lice treatment products such as, pyrethrins, pryrethroids and permathins.

About: Licenders focuses on kid-friendly lice treatment that is all natural and safe for your entire family. Our products are proven to get rid of head lice quickly and effectively. In addition to our all-natural product line, we have 4 conveniently located salons in the Tri-State area. More information can be found at http://www.licenders.com.

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