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Licenders AirAllé Device Offers Chemical-Free Lice Removal

Licenders AirAllé Device Offers Chemical-Free Lice Removal

Licenders AirAllé Device Offers Chemical-Free Lice Removal

Although we have a number of ways in which we treat children and adults for lice, Licenders is always seeking out new methods, including the use of new technology. One of the chemical-free breakthroughs in technology that our professional clinicians use at Licenders is the AirAllé device.

The benefits of the FDA-cleared AirAllé treatment process include chemical-free lice removal, a short treatment time, application of the treatment by a trained professional and post-treatment steps to ensure speedy and thorough lice removal and your return to a lice-free life!

Chemical-free Treatment

The AirAllé device uses warm air – cooler but stronger than a hair dryer – to dehydrate lice, nits, and eggs in the hair and on the scalp. AirAllé uses a soft, rounded-tip comb that separates hair, allowing the warm air to circulate. Without using pesticides or chemicals, AirAllé provides a safe method of comfortably removing lice.

Short Treatment Time

In place of the time-intensive pesticide treatments normally used to treat lice, the AirAllé device takes about one hour to thoroughly treat the hair and scalp. The children and adults we treat are able to sit comfortably in a salon-style chair while reading or using their tablet or smartphone to stay occupied during treatment.

Trained Clinicians

The AirAllé device is operated only by our trained clinicians. Throughout the hour-long process, our clinicians pay careful attention to the needs of the person being treated to ensure their comfort. The technician may turn off the AirAllé device and halt the process at any time if the person being treated needs a break. After all, we are pros at treating kids and understand their needs.

Post-Treatment Steps

A thorough post-treatment comb-out and rinse ensures remaining lice or nits – dead or alive – are removed from the hair and scalp. These post-treatment steps allow the person being treated to leave our clinic lice-free and resume their normal home, work or school routines!

The AirAllé lice treatment is available for children and adults at any of our six convenient clinic locations. As is true for all of our treatment methods and products, AirAllé is natural and safe for family use. All of our clinicians are kid-friendly and accommodating to family members who are living under the stress of dealing with lice.

Begin the process of getting rid of lice once and for all by stopping in for a screening at one of our six convenient locations or by scheduling a home visit today! To discuss individual treatment or treatment for your home, school or camp setting, schedule an appointment today! We pledge that you and your family will be free of lice and able to resume your work and school life!

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