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Lice Treatment

Lice treatment is defined as the systematic removal of all head lice and nits from the scalp and the home environment. Lice treatment occurs after the lice detection process. Once a positive lice diagnosis is given, you will need to remove all lice and nits. The lice treatment process occurs only after you have carefully inspected the hair and scalp to identify lice and/or nits. The four steps of lice treatment are: using a head lice removal product, manually removing nits, cleaning the home environment, and daily checking of the hair and scalp. This article will teach you a safe and effective lice treatment method. In addition, some helpful tips are included to make the lice treatment process easier for young children.

The first step of lice treatment is removing the head lice and preventing any undetected head lice from reinfesting. Removal of head lice is done using a lice shampoo. Beware! Many lice shampoos contain very harmful chemicals that have been associated with serious illness and even death. Lice shampoos should be all natural and contain only safe ingredients. Wet the hair, and apply 1-2 ounces of lice shampoo. After working up a good lather, massage the shampoo all over the scalp. Be sure to follow the directions on the lice shampoo label to ensure proper and safe lice treatment. The oil treatment, following the lice shampoo treatment, will provide additional protection by preventing the lice from laying any more eggs. Spray the hair a few times with oil and massage it into the scalp before going to sleep. One week after the initial lice treatment use the lice shampoo once again to make sure you have killed all the lice.

While lice treatment begins with the use of lice shampoos to remove the head lice, the shampoo is ineffective in killing the nits. Nit treatment involves a special lice comb. The comb is ergonomically designed for comfortable and effortless combing. This is important because you will be combing out the hair, in small parts, for at least 45 minutes. The teeth of the lice treatment comb are very close together. During nit removal, the hair should be clean, damp and untangled. Separate the hair into small sections and comb out all the nits. Comb out the hair several times in each direction, and then wipe the comb on a damp towel.

The third step of lice treatment is cleaning of the home environment. This is necessary because head lice can survive off the human scalp for up to 48 hours. All clothing and bed linens that have been used by the infested person must be laundered in hot water. Non-washable items, such as stuffed animals and pillows, can be stored in plastic bags for 2 weeks. Vacuum all carpets, furniture, mattresses, and car upholstery. Items that cannot be vacuumed should be sprayed with the Licenders Lice Household Cleaner. While the home cleaning takes time, keep the focus of your lice treatment on treating the lice on the head, not obssesively cleaning your home.

The culmination of lice treatment is the daily checks of the hair and scalp. The lice treatment process concludes with returning to the lice detection process. Inspect and remove nits from the hair for at least one week. If you continue to find lice and/or nits you will need a followup cleanout at the Licenders lice treatment center.

It is important to keep in mind that as hard as it is for an adult to endure the lice treatment process, it is even harder for a young child. The child is required to sit for long periods of time facing head down. This is an unnatural position for a child. Also, the shampooing and combing steps required of the lice treatment process are physically uncomfortable. Consider purchasing some books on tape for the child to listen to. DVD's, videos, handheld games and any other distraction will help the time pass. Always allow the child to take a break when he needs some relaxation time. Finally, use this time as a way to bond. You will be building memories from this experience. Make them positive ones.

In conclusion, lice treatment involves removing lice and eggs from people and the home environment. You can choose to make the most of the lice treatment process by nurturing your child physically and emotionally during this experience. This will actually protect their developing self-esteem during a potentially difficult time.

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