Lice Removal

Lice removal is the process by which head lice are removed from the hair. Lice removal involves the use of a lice shampoo or the lousebuster device. This article will give you the information that you need to decide on whether a lousebuster or lice shampoo treatment is right for you.

Lice shampoos are specially formulated solutions used to kill head lice on contact. The shampoo uses natural enzymes that attack the louse's exoskeleton. A lice shampoo should be all natural and contain only safe ingredients. The following guidelines are for lice removal purposes. Wet the hair, and apply 1-2 ounces of lice shampoo. After working up a good lather, massage the shampoo all over the scalp. Be sure to follow the directions on the lice shampoo label to ensure proper and safe lice treatment. The lice shampoo is an inexpensive lice removal tool.

The lousebuster is a device that directs carefully controlled heated air towards the scalp and hair roots to kill lice and nits. A trained Lousebuster Certified Operator performs the treatment at a lice treatment center or at the clients home. The three benefits of using the lousebuster lice removal method are that the treatment is safe, highly effective, and quick. The lousebuster does not use any chemicals. Unlike over-the-counter lice removal products that may contain harsh and sometimes dangerous chemicals, the lousebuster uses heated air to dessicate the lice. The second benefit of the lousebuster lice removal product is that it is effective in killing all stages of head lice, including lice eggs, nymphs, and adults. Finally, lice removal using the lousebuster is fast. It takes only one 30 minute session to kill all head lice and their nits.

In summary, the lousebuster and lice shampoo are the two most common lice removal methods. While in the past a lice infestation may have required days off from school or work, these two methods of lice removal allow clients to return to their normal routine immediately after the treatment.

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