How To Get Rid Of Nits

The objective of any lice treatment is to get rid of lice and lice eggs (or "nits"). Getting rid of nits is crucial because the nits, if not removed, will hatch and reinfest the head with more lice. While lice shampoos can kill the lice, lice shampoos are ineffective in killing the nits. There are two ways to get rid of the nits: using a lice comb or with a tool called the "Lousebuster" device. This article will discuss the lice comb and the Lousebuster as effective methods of getting rid of nits.

Nit treatment involves a special lice comb. The comb should be ergonomically designed for comfortable and effortless combing. This is important because you will be combing out the hair, in small parts, for at least 45 minutes. The teeth of the nit comb are very close together. During nit removal, the hair should be clean, damp and untangled. Separate the hair into small sections and comb out all the nits. Comb out the hair several times in each direction, and then wipe the comb on a damp towel.

The lousebuster is a device that directs carefully controlled heated air towards the scalp and hair roots to kill lice and nits. A trained Lousebuster Certified Operator performs the treatment at a lice treatment center or at the client's home. The lousebuster uses heated air to get rid of the nits. It takes only one 30 minute session to get rid of all head lice and nits.

In conclusion, while some over-the-counter shampoos may claim to get rid of nits, the nits will hatch and you will have another lice infestation in 9-10 days all over again. Combing out with a lice comb or treatment with the Lousebuster will get rid of the nits.

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