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Licenders is a professional service for the safe screening and removal of head lice, using 100% natural products. Licenders has been helping families, schools, camps, and physicians get rid of head lice for over 17 years. Our lice removal services are designed to get your child back in school the same day. We offer house calls, and we have lice treatment salons in New York City, Long Island, and Connecticut.

Seventeen years ago, Adie Horowitz, a mother of four, was horrified when her own daughter was sent home from school with head lice. Lice products in the stores were toxic and didn't kill all the bugs. Back then, not every home had a computer, so she ran to the library to learn about head lice. She developed her own technique and natural lice product line. She shared her results with local moms. It wasn't long before schools started calling for help. Today, with a team of 60+ highly trained lice removal clinicians, Licenders has established itself as the premier lice removal service.