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At Licenders, we focus on kid-friendly lice treatment that is all natural and safe for your entire family. Ditch the home remedies and chemical treatments that put your children’s health at risk and let Licenders get rid of head lice once and for all. We believe in educating parents, camp counselors, physicians and the public on the importance of 100% all natural lice treatment products. Step inside one of the four conveniently located salons for same day treatment as we get you out the door and your children back in school that same day.



Twenty years ago, Adie Horowitz, a mother of four, was horrified when her own daughter was sent home from school with head lice. Lice products in the stores were toxic and didn’t kill all the bugs. Back then, not every home had a computer, so she ran to the library to learn about head lice. She developed her own technique and natural product line that have evolved into Licenders today.


When your child experiences a head lice incident, Licenders is here to give you some peace of mind. We know parents, school nurses, camp counselors and physicians seek an all natural way to remove and eradicate head lice which is why we couple the AirAllé device with our full product line and combing for the most effective treatment.SEE SERVICES